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Re:pocketmod – Flash-based PocketMod generator
February 25, 2009

A couple of folks, apparently impatient with the slow pace of development on the ‘official’ PocketMod, have taken matters into their own hands and put together a brilliant offline PocketMod generator called Re:pocketmod. The package contains around a hundred PocketMod templates, including some GTD-related and Stephen Covey-inspired mods, any of which can be dragged and dropped onto a layout pane and printed directly from the app. It even includes video instructions on how to fold your PocketMod.

repocketmodSee our previous post on converting PDFs to PocketMods.


HOWTO: Easily install Firefox extensions while offline
February 25, 2009


You can add an ‘Install’ button to Firefox’s add-ons pane by tracking down the following line in ‘about:config’:


and double-clicking on it to toggle the Boolean value to ‘False’. Firefox should now have an install button, just as Thunderbird does, for offline installation of extensions.