Re:pocketmod – Flash-based PocketMod generator
February 25, 2009

A couple of folks, apparently impatient with the slow pace of development on the ‘official’ PocketMod, have taken matters into their own hands and put together a brilliant offline PocketMod generator called Re:pocketmod. The package contains around a hundred PocketMod templates, including some GTD-related and Stephen Covey-inspired mods, any of which can be dragged and dropped onto a layout pane and printed directly from the app. It even includes video instructions on how to fold your PocketMod.

repocketmodSee our previous post on converting PDFs to PocketMods.


HOWTO – Create back-pocket cheat sheets with PDFtoPocketMod
January 28, 2009

I love PocketMods. I don’t think I would spend so much time collecting and processing my thoughts with ThinkingRock if it weren’t for TR’s ‘Report as PocketMod’ feature. Then I began creating my own PocketMod content, ranging from a lengthy jQuery reference booklet to a simple listing of keyboard shortcuts to keep in the front pocket of a laptop bag. With PDFtoPocketMod, built on the open-source PDFSharp library, you can put one together in less than ninety seconds.

In this example, we’ll put together a PocketMod stack listing all the keyboard shortcuts available in Word 2007.

To get a list of all shortcuts in Word, click the ‘Macros’ button under the Developer toolbar, and search for the ‘listcommands’ macro in ‘Word commands’. Run the macro, selecting ‘Current keyboard settings’ at the prompt that follows, and you’ll get an 11-page table. Shrink the table down to 8 pages (the proper length of a PocketMod) by adjusting the row height under the ‘Layout’ tab in ‘Table Tools’. 0.26″ worked for me

Now you can export the document to PDF, with Microsoft’s free Save As PDF or XPS add-in for Office 2007. Next, you want to download PDF2PM, which converts most any paginated PDF to a PocketMod-formatted PDF, ready for folding, and run your Office-exported PDF through PDF2PM. The finished product should look something like this.